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What We Believe:

We believe that technology, properly leveraged, is the biggest enabling tool available to any artist and obsoletes a lot of expensive services that formerly only the big labels and marketing firms could provide.

We believe that as art imitates life, perception becomes reality. If you act like a successful professional, people will treat you like a successful professional and you will become a successful professional. The converse is also true.

We believe in Intellectual Property Rights but that the actions of groups like the RIAA have damaged both artists and fans alike. When I can buy a recently released blockbuster movie on DVD for $12.95 but it costs me $18.00 for a new audio-only CD, something is definitely not right with the recording industry. Rampant music piracy is a symptom, not the cause.

We believe a recording contract with a big label was never a panacea for musicians 20 years ago and is even less so today. Record labels are still important partners for production and distribution but they can no longer justify the terms that artists are usually asked to submit to and should be approached with a proper appreciation of value for all parties.

We believe in you and your work. Let us be your Biggest Fan. Peelander-Z

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